Non-Executive Director Awards

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We are living in an era where the importance of Non-Executives is growing, where their influence resonates across media, politics, company boardrooms and all aspects of corporate governance. The Awards recognise the achievements of Non-Executive Directors within the Business and Not-For-Profit/Public Sector communities.

We are very proud to be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Non-Executive Director Awards this year. On 13th April 2016 400 guests attended a special 10th anniversary awards ceremony at Claridge’s in London.

The NED Awards 2015 will be published by The Sunday Times, Britain’s biggest selling quality Sunday paper.

Among all categories of top business people, from chairmen and board directors to chief executives and non-executives, the readership of The Sunday Times is way ahead of all other British newspapers.

More influential business people read The Sunday Times than any other daily or Sunday newspaper in the country. According to the latest figures from the British Business Survey, for the first time the readership of the newspaper among business leaders has topped the half-million mark. The survey, backed by leading publishers, is the country’s most authoritative measure of the business readership of national newspapers and magazines. Readership of the Sunday Times among directors and managers has risen by 8.7% to 510,000 since the survey was last carried out in 2003.

Every week The Sunday Times is read by almost three times more captains of industry than either the Financial Times or The Sunday Telegraph. The Sunday Times has a 40% lead over its three main quality Sunday rivals. It reaches 145,000 more leading business people every Sunday than the combined net business readership of The Sunday Telegraph, The Observer and The Independent on Sunday.

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