Why the UK should Remain in the EU

In almost 50 years of business, I have launched hundreds of new ventures and taken on all sorts of challenges, from creating record labels to launching airlines. I have the reputation of a risk-taker. But no matter what the challenge, I always made sure I understood the downside risks involved before I leapt in.



Why the UK should Remain in the EU

Today I am visiting the UK, at a time when the country is facing a decision where the risks are great. Earlier today I met with our team at Virgin Money and will meet the team at Virgin Media this afternoon, discussing my reasons why I believe the UK should Remain in the EU.

Leaving the European Union is not a risk I would want the UK to take. Not as an investor, not as an entrepreneur and certainly not as a father and grandfather concerned about the world we leave to the next generation. In the video above, I outline why I believe the UK should Remain in the EU. For trade, job creation and the economy. For peace, prosperity and security.

There are few occasions in your life where you can see things going horribly wrong. This is one of those occasions, where the wrong decision will do irreparable damage both to Great Britain and to Europe. Some people think that by voting Leave they will somehow punish the ruling class. Some are looking backwards and inwards for inspiration and hope – when they should be looking forward at a wide world of opportunity. If you vote Leave you are not kicking the establishment in the balls – you are shooting yourself in the foot.

The global threats facing British citizens young and old, like climate change, financial crisis or conflict, are best addressed collectively. No question, being part of the EU not only makes Europe stronger, but the UK too. June 23rd will determine if voters would rather live in Little England or in Great Britain. And Great Britain has always stood for democracy, compassion, justice and inclusion. Let the arguments of the day not diminish your place in the world. If you agree with me I’d urge you to vote Remain.




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