Black Country LEP

The Black Country is a significant economic sub-region housing over 1 million people, hosting over 400,000 jobs and generating £16.2bn GVA per annum. The area comprises the Boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and the City of Wolverhampton. It covers 356 square kilometres and sits at the heart of England, with excellent national transport links, in particular to the M6, M5 and M54 motorways.

The Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership (BCLEP) aims to create the conditions for enterprise to flourish resulting in greater economic prosperity across the Black Country area.

It will do this through facilitation and co-ordination of actions by private, public and voluntary sector organisations with a focus on stimulating the drivers of economic development, education & skills development and infrastructure & environmental enhancements.

Outcomes from these collective actions are focussed on increasing the levels of employment, improving the levels of businesses operating within the area, modernisation and diversifying the business base and up skilling across the workforce, which will all contribute to the BCLEP’s Key Performance Measure of closing the Black Country’s productivity gap (2012: £6.2bn p.a).